Timeline of Pakistan’s History from 1947 to Present

Timeline of Pakistan’s History from 1947 to Present


Date Event
3 June 1947Subcontinent into two sovereign dominions as Pakistan and India by British Government
14 August 1947Emergence of Pakistan
30 September 1947Pakistan becomes member of United Nations
27 October 1947Indian Air troops land in Kashmir as the Maharajah declares accession of Kashmir to India.
1 January 1948War stops in Kashmir, Cease-fire by UNO
2 February 1948Urdu declared National Language
1 July 1948Inauguration of State Bank of Pakistan by Quiad-e-Azam
9 July 1948Issuance of 1st Postage stamp of Pakistan
11 September 1948Founder of Pakistan Mysteriously Dies
14 September 1948After Quaid-e-Azam Khuwaja Nazimuddin becomes Governor-General of Pakistan
1 January 1949Establishment of Cease-fire line by UN between Indian and Pakistani held Kashmir
12 March 1949Objective Resolution Passed
8 April 1950Liaquat-Nehru pact signed in Delhi
11 July 1950Pakistan joins IMF and World Bank
6 September 1950Ayub Khan, the first Pakistani appointed as C-in-C of Pakistani Army
16 October 1951Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan Assassinated at Rawalpindi
17 October 1951Khuwaja Nazimuddin becomes Prime Minister and Malik Ghulam Muhammad Governor-General of Pak
12 March 1952Integration of Princely States Kalat, Makran, Las Bela and Kharan territories into Balouchistan after concurrence of Central Government.
21 August 1952Boundary Pact between India and Pakistan over East Bengal and West Bengal.
In 1952Discovery of Huge Natural Gas at Sui the Bugti Tribal Area by PPL
17 April 1953Mohammad Ali Bogra becomes Prime Minister
16 August 1953Kashmir’s martyrs day observed throughout Pakistan
31 July 1954K2, World’s  second-highest mountain, is conquered by an Italian expedition
7 August 1954National Anthem written by Hafiz Jalandhari and composed by Ahmed G. Chagla was approved by government of Pakistan
21 September 1954Urdu and Bengali became national languages after unanimously passed resolution by Constituent Assembly
24 October 1954First Assembly dissolution by Ghulam Muhammad
1 January 1955PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) comes into being
6 October 1955Iskander Mirza succeeded after the resignation of Governor-General Ghulam Mohammad
21 February 1956Pakistan became the Federal Republic known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
23 March 1956

Constitution promulgates on Pakistan’s Day and

Iskander Mirza became first President of Pakistan

12 September 1956Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy was appointed as PM
24 July 1957Moulana Bhashani forms National Awami Party
22 December 1957Malik Feroz Khan Noon became seventh Prime Minister of Pakistan
25 June 1958President Rule is Proclaimed in East Pakistan
7 October 1958Ayub Khan declares Martial Law and becomes Chief Martial Law Administrator (CMLA)
24 October 1958Ayub sworn in as PM by Iskander Mirza
27 October 1958Ayub became President after stepping down the Mirza forcefully
2 November 1958Iskander Mirza exiled
16 September 1959Islamic Research Institute established by Government
27 October 1959President Ayub becomes Field Marshal
24 February 1960Presidential cabinet named new capital as Islamabad
23 March 1960Foundation of Minar-e-Pakistan laid
31 July 1960Mazar-i-Quaid’s foundation stone was laid
8 June 19621962 constitution promulagated
8 June 1962Election of National Assembly and its first session
8 June 1962Ayub Khan became the first president under a new constitution
24 January 1963Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became Foreign Minister
2 March 1963Border agreement between China and Pakistan in Peking (Beijing)
17 September 1964Fatima Jinnah files papers for Presidential Election
22 October 1964Khwaja Nazimuddin dies in Karachi
6 September 19652nd war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir
23 September 1965Cease-fire line comes into force between India and Pakistan
10 January 1966Tashkent Declaration signed
17 June 1966Z. A. Bhutto then foreign minister resigns
17 September 1966General Yahya became C-in-C of Pakistan Army
17 September 1966General Mosa Khan became Governor-General of West Pakistan
9 July 1967Fatima Jinnah Dies in Karachi
24 August 1967Pakistan’s first steel mill inaugurated in Chittagong
26 November 1967Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Amir Muhammad shot dead
1 December 1967Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) comes into being
7 November 1968Students’ demonstrations started throughout the country which leads to Ayob’s resignation
25 March 1969Due to forces uprising, Ayob forced to resign and handed over power to Army Chief Yahya Khan and Martial law was proclaimed
1 March 1970Tehrik-i-Istaqlal party was formed by Air Martial Asghar Khan
7 December 1970First General Elections held, Pakistan Awami League and People’s  Party emerged as leading parties in east and west respectively
30 January 1971Two Kashmiri separatists hijacked Indian Airlines’ airplane and landed in Lahore
26 March 1971Operation Searchlight was launched by Pakistani Army
29 August 1971Rashid Minhas Pakistan’s Highest gallantry award Nishan-e-Hyder
22 November 1971India launches a full-scale attack in East Pakistan
16 December 1971Bangladesh comes into being
20 December 1971Yahya hands over power to ZA Bhutto, who takes over as President and CMLA
8 January 1972Sheikh Mujibur Rehman unconditionally released
20 January 1972In secret meeting, ZA Bhutto launches program for Nuclear Weapon Development
14 March 1972New Education Policy was introduced and Private and Public schools became free educational institutes
14 April 19721st session of National Assembly, ZA Bhutto elected as President
21 April 1972Martial Law lifted and constitutional rule restored
21 April 1972Hamoodur Rahman became Chief Justice of Pakistan
2 July 1972Simla agreement was signed between ZA Bhutto and Indira Gandhi
13 February 1973Begum Rana Liaquat Ali became first woman Governor of Sindh
10 April 19731973 constitution enacted
11 August 1973Choudhry Fazl Illahi elected as President
28 August 1973POW (Prisoner of War) accord signed in New Delhi
20 December 1973Pakistan Steel Mills’ foundation stone was laid by ZA Bhutto
21 February 1974Pakistan recognizes Bangladesh
7 September 1974Resolution passed in which Ahmadis were considered as Non-Muslims
1 March 1976Zia-ul-Haq becomes Chief of Army Staff
24 July 1976Samjhota express started
31 July 1976AQ Khan Research Laboratory established
6 August 1976Port Qasim’s foundation stone was laid by ZA Bhutto
10 January 1977PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) was formed by 9 opposition parties
7 March 1977General Elections held, PPP won with a majority of 155 seats and PNA lost with 35 out 200
1 July 1977Friday was announced weekly holiday
5 July 1977Martial Law enforced, the constitution was suspended by Zia-ul-Haq
17 September 1977ZA Bhutto was arrested under martial law
18 March 1978ZA Bhutto along with four others was sentenced to death by Lahore High Court
11 June 1978Altaf Hussain forms APMSO (All Pakistan Muhajir Student Organization)
16 September 1978Zia becomes the President
4 April 1979ZA Bhutto hanged in Rawalpindi
16 October 1979Press censorship was imposed by Zia-ul-Haq
26 May 1980Federal Shariat Court establishment was announced
21 June 1980Zakat collection by Government started
11 March 1983Nuclear tests were carried out, which were not announced until 2000
9 February 1984All Student Unions were banned
18 March 1984MQM (Mutahida Qoumi Movement) was formed by Altaf Hussain
19 December 1984Presidential Referendum held by Zia-ul-Haq
25 February 1985Non-Party Elections were held
23 March 1985Muhammad Khan Junejo PM and Zia became President
31 December 1985Martial Law lifted, 1973 constitution revived after an amendment
10 April 1986Benazir Bhutto returns to Pakistan
29 May 1988National Assembly and Junejo Cabinet dissolution by General Zia
15 June 1988Shariat Ordinance was promulgated, making Sharia supreme law by General Zia-ul-Haq
17 August 1988General Zia was killed in a plane crash
6 October 1988Islamic Jamhori Ittihad (IJI) formed by 8 political parties
16 November 1988General elections held PPP won by majority 0f 92 seats while IJI secured 54
2 December 1988Benazir Bhutto became first woman prime minister of Pakistan
13 December 1988President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was elected
19 January 1989Restoration of Student Unions in Punjab
26 May 1989Shamsur Rehman replaced as ISI Cheif after Lt. General Hamid  Gul
5 February 1990Kashmir Solidarity Day for the first time was observed in Pakistan
6 August 1990Dismissal of Benazir Government and Dissolution of National Assembly by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan
24 October 1990General Elections held in which Islamic Jamhori Ittihad led by Nawaz Sharif secured 92 while PPP-led PDA (People’s Democratic Alliance) gets 45 out of 198 seats
6 November 1990Nawaz Sharif after securing 153 votes becomes Prime Minister of Pakistan
16 May 1991Shariat bill was adopted by the National Assembly
19 June 1992Military Operation against MQM
18 April 1993Nawaz Sharif government dismissed by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan
26 May 1993National Assembly and Nawaz government was restored by Supreme Court of Pakistan
18 July 1993Gen. Waheed Kakar Army Chief Pakistan Army gets both President Ishaq and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign
6 October 1993General Elections held, Benazir led People’s Party secures eighty-six seats and Nawaz’s PML(N) gets 73 out of 202
19 October 1993Benazir swore as Prime Minister 2nd time
13 November 1993Eighth President, Farooq Laghari was elected
25 April 1995GM Syed, The Veteran Politician died in Karachi
25 April 1996PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) was formed by renown cricketer Imran Khan
20 September 1996Benazir’s brother, Mir Murtaza was assassinated by Police in Karachi
5 November 1996Farooq Laghari dissolved the assembly and removed Benazir from office
29 January 1997Supreme Court upholds the president’s proclamation
3 February 1997General Elections held, Pakistan Muslim League gets 135 seats
17 February 1997Nawaz Sharif became nineteenth Prime Minister
23 February 1997Sunday declared as a holiday instead of Friday
2 December 1997President Farooq Laghari resigns
28 May 1998Five Nuclear Tests were conducted by Pakistan
15 April 1999Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari sentenced in absentia to a 5-year jail on corruption charges
21 February 1999Nawaz Sharif signed Lahore Declaration with AB Vajpayee
26 July 1999Kargil war comes to an end
12 October 1999Nawaz was ousted and placed under house arrest by Pervez Musharaf
6 April 2000On charges of terrorism and hijacking, Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to life imprisonment
12 May 2000Supreme court granted General Pervez executive and legislative authority after validating October 1999 coup
14 August 2000Local Government Ordinance introduced by President Pervez Musharaf
10 December 2000Nawaz was expatriated (exiled) along with family to Saudia
21 June 2001Being Army Chief General Pervez assumed President office
30 April 2002General Musharaf won the referendum
10 October 2002General Elections held
30 November 2002Mir Zafarullah Jamali became PM Pakistan
1 January 2004General Musharraf won a vote of confidence in the Senate, National Assembly, and provincial assemblies.
28 August 2004Shoukat Aziz becomes Prime Minister
8 October 2005Earthquake in NWFP & Kashmir, Eight-thousands people killed
2 January 2006Dr. Shamshad Akhtar became first woman Governor of State Bank of Pakistan SBP
14 May 2006Charter of Democracy (CoD) between 2 former Prime Ministers (Benazir and Nawaz)was signed in London
26 August 2006Akbar Bugti killed in his hide-out
9 March 2007Choudhary Iftikhar Chief Justice of Pakistan was dismissed by Musharaf
20 July 2007Chief Justice of Pakistan Choudhary Iftikhar was restored
18 October 2007Benazir returned to homeland after 8 years of expulsion
3 November 2007Emergency imposed by Pervez Musharaf, Senior judges of Supreme Court removed
16 November 2007The day of completion of five years of assembly, Assembly dissolved
16 November 2007Mian Muhammad Soomro became interim Prime Minister
25 November 2007Nawaz after seven years of forced exile returned to Pakistan
16 December 2007Constitution restored, emergency lifted
27 December 2007Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Rawalpindi attack
18 February 2008General Elections were held under tight security, PPP won the majority of the votes
24 March 2008Yusuf Raza Gillani was elected as PM Pakistan
18 August 2008Pervez Musharaf stepped down from presidential office, Muhammad Mian became president
6 September 2008Asif Ali Zardari by securing 481 votes became President
9 March 2009Touring Sri Lankan  cricket team attacked by Militants
23 May 2009Operation Rah-e-Rast was started by Pakistani Army
10 April 201018th amendment in Pakistan’s Constitution
1 October 2010All Pakistan Muslim League launched by Pervez Musharaf
4 January 2011Salman Taseer Governor of Pakistan was killed by one of his guards Mumtaz Qadri
27 January 2011A US Diplomat, Raymond Devis, kills two men on a motorbike
2 May 2011Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad
22 June 2012Following the disqualification of  Yufus Raza as Prime Minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf became the Prime Minister
11 September 2012Over 300 people died in a factory fire in Karachi
11 May 2013General Elections were held, PML(N) wins
5 June 2013Nawaz sharif was sworn in as Prime Minister for the  third time
30 July 2013Mamnoon Hussain was elected as President
31 May 2014Musharaf was charged with High Treason due to imposition of emergency rule in 2007
13 August 2014Long March and Sit-in by PTI (Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf) and PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehrik)
18 January 2016Former President Musharaf was acquitted in the murder trial of  Akbar Bugti
28 July 2017Pakistan Supreme Court disqualified acting prime minister Nawaz Sharif over Panama paper scandal
1 August 2017Shahid Khaqan Abbasi became the PM
6 July 2018Nawaz Sharif along with daughter Maryam and son-in-law Captain Safdar were given 10, 7 and 1years prison sentence respectively
25 July 2018General Elections were held
17 August 2018Imran Khan PTI leader took oath as Prime Minister
4 September 2018Presidential elections were held
19 January 2019Sahiwal killings by CTD
17 December 2019Pervez Musharaf was given the death sentence by Supreme Court


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