Search for Peace – Islamophobia

Search for Peace – Islamophobia

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Indeed, hatred and bitterness can never bring peace but only love can do that. Wars, conflict, weapons, violence, bloodshed, invasions, and boiling minds can never win the hearts of people or maintain peaceful circumstances. The language of threat or use of threat is neither a solution of problems nor can maintain normal situation in the states. In the result of violence, wars and invasions hundreds of thousand innocent people are killed and wounded, particularly after introduction of war on terror. Specifically, Muslims are targeted in the name of terror. However, terrorism has no religion, cast, race, colour, border or name but any individual can be terrorist not only Muslim. Furthermore, rebellion-ism, militarism, extremism and terrorism are shaped more strengthen than before. Wars give a birth to violation, mistrust, and unrest. Through propaganda Muslims are portrayed as terrorists and extremists and Islamophobia is plunged into minds of the West and Non-Muslims. Afghan war and Iraq war after 9/11 was fought in a way that was based on injustice with Muslim  States because not only targeted elements were finished but also innocent people including old men, women and children were killed, entire infrastructure was destroyed and whole States were ruined by forces. These wars gave an air of revenge and made people warrior. The Children were born in the time of war and person who born in the wartime become warrior and hard. For many decades, Afghanis are fighting wars and that is reason that they are hard and know the strategies of war. Moreover, interestingly, both superpowers USSR in 1980’s and USA after 9/11 are failed to defeat the Afghanis. Now, the new generation is taught the lesson of war and fighting. Therefore, this war will be continued for generations. Where is peace? This is million-dollar question.  

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Nowadays, the tragedy is that Islamophbia is spread worldwide. Let us explain what is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is the fear, hatred of, or prejudice against the Islamic religion or Muslims generally. Recently, Muslims are targeted in New Zealand. At least 50 Muslims in Christchurch’s Al-Noor mosque were killed by terrorist. That was worst mass shooting against Muslims in New-Zealand in month of March 15, 2019. In the wake of this event, whole Muslim community at worldwide showed damn anger against terrorist and New Zealand which was considered a country of peace. All Muslim countries were on the same page against terrorist and demanded for unprecedented punishment. This event united the Muslims. However, the Prime Minister of New Zealand played very vital role to de-escalate the anger of Muslim community through her practical measures to make condolence publicly and condemn every form of terrorism. She showed sympathy and love with Muslims. The tears, flowers and candles from Non-Muslims for Martyrdoms calmed down the Muslims. Nonetheless, these sort of attacks, invasions and killing of Muslims be stopped otherwise future is very pathetic of the world. Hatred and bitterness will be dominant and ultimately in the result clash of civilization may be proved right. To keep bear is not bad, to be clean-shave is not bad, to wear scarf is not bad, to open hair is not bad, to be a Muslim is not bad and to be a non-Muslim is also not bad, but thinking negatively, hatred, bitterness and hostility constitute bad men and women. Let the thinking be positive, constructive and mutual respect. We all have to be united for peace, harmony and homogeneity. Let us build the trust and love.

None is worthwhile than love and peace in the world. States, people, and governments have to play their role to set up minds that lead to the peace and stability of nations. We have to teach to our children the lessons of love, respect, peace, trust and harmony.

However, the killing of Muslims and attacks on Muslim states were specifically increased by United States after 9/11, not only that but atrocities in Palestine, Kashmir and other parts of Muslim communities are immensely increased. This practice of atrocities, ruthless actions, killing of people, use of force must be seized. Moreover, international organizations, regional organizations and people should stand up against all these brutal acts. Governments should spend money on books, pens, children, education, poverty and lives rather than spending on weapons, guns, Bombs, and bullets because peace cannot be achieved through weapons but education and by giving fundamental human rights. Nations have to think about peaceful and better future of next generations. Let us say No to hatred and wars. let us spread candles.

Imran Ali Noonari

The writer is Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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