Politics and Kashmir: The Actual Meaning of Politics has rested into Peace

Politics and Kashmir: The Actual Meaning of Politics has rested into Peace

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Working for one’s homeland and working for one’s own home, the two phrases though seem little different physically but are very different etymologically and politically.

The word politics means the activities associated with the governance of a country or area.

Today’s politics have exploited the real meaning of politics. Politics involves services, love, patriotism, tolerance, justice, equality and all those qualities which are required for a country to run, where Sincerity tops the list. Neither it is to work for name, fame or blame and nor it is to play with the weaknesses of the weak or necessities of helpless people. It is to solve the problems of those who have made one a politician. A politician should be aware enough about the strong and weak areas of his country. He should have a diplomatic strategic manifesto to work for the goodness of his own people.

Whenever I ask anyone about politics, I always get negative answers. People call politics the power to play with the country and countrymen for one’s own advantage. And for acquiring that power it includes betrayal, corruption, disloyalty, and greed. But to me, politics is worship, the worship that creates a strong bond between a politician and God’s creation, the worship that makes God happier, the worship which includes services for others, the worship that costs the greatest reward if fulfilled with honesty.

Politics of Kashmir

But as we see in the case of Kashmir, we see the failure of politics. A territorial conflict between Pakistan and India, started after the independence of Pakistan and India from Britain in 1947 and the conflict though can not be controlled by our statesmen but it highly degrades the term politics.

The first conflict between the two countries made the United Nations build Line of Control, but yet the situation was off control and the two countries fell into wars in 1965 and then in 1971.

Not only Ladhak but the two countries fought on the territory of Kargil too (Kargil is a district in Ladhak of Kashmir).

The first step in politics includes the struggle for the government. It has many ups and downs as usual, but after having a successful government with a majority, a politician should have tolerance and patience. But we see Indian Prime minister Narender Modi enjoying harsh and revenging policies right from coming to power.

Further unrest was marked in Kashmir valley in 2010, which began after an alleged fake encounter between local youth and security forces. And 2016’s unrest erupted after killing of a Hizbul-Mujahideen militant, Burhan Wani by Indian forces and Pulwama attack followed this in 2019.

Fortunately or unfortunately, our country has tested many faces in government. Apart from military leaders we have seen the era of Pakistan People’s Party with two different political thoughts (that of Bhutto and Zardari), we have seen Pakistan Muslim League N(under Nawaz Sharif) but still, we are unaware of our statesmen’s interests either they want to settle the country or they want to settle themselves.

The timeline has reached 2020, Mr. Khan’s democracy, which started in mid of august 2018, is facing the problems rooted by the above politicians.

Mr. Khan’s government has not only been targeted by the unaware countrymen but has been facing different political and economic problems since the day it came into power.

Economic degradation from the very first day of PTI government, the nonstop increase in dollar’s rate, India’s torture starting with the Pulwama drama and still continue in the name of Kashmir, false and vague allegations and the unity of all opposition parties against the present government, all circumstances seem unbearable. In addition to this, doctors’ strikes became routine, CNG shortage, electricity and businessmen’s protests against new economic policies and criticism on social media also created unavoidable unrest. All this scenario seemed like some other people are there behind them. All those problems that were never visible in others’ times and became the cause of criticism now. Untidiness in Karachi caused many problems for the residents, but no one thought even the first time that rain and Eid reached simultaneously and caused air diseases.

Work on Polio, Aids, and Health Card projects, bearing all the hardships, Mr. Khan gained a lot, he has experienced and conceded the depth of Pakistan’s sufferings altogether.

PTI government is still under observation. After having positive recognition in neighboring countries, after taking active steps for Kashmir and opening the dispute in UNSC and after working for the betterment of the country, nothing seems to happen still and the question arises in my mind is that Will the opponents be tired of their cheats or they will continue to lead the half-destroyed country to full destruction?

We can only wait and pray for the actual meaning of Politics to come. Our eyes are awaited to see sincere politics, that should be promoted to the youngsters.

Saeeda Sumbal

The writer is Student at Department of International Relations, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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  1. Imtiaz Ali

    Politics can be defined as act that aims at dealing with issues of common caliber most importantly making us able to overpower these imbroglios.

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