Mission of SPAUS

Society of Political Arians University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • To unite all the senior and junior batches of the department to clear the distinction between them and to get them closer for the best interest of Political Department.
  • To raise the awareness about the real scope of Political Science.
  • To transform students, academic skills, behaviors and attitudes and enable them be sound both academically and socially.
  • To Encourage students to grab the opportunities coming in different institutes.
  • To polish the talent of student by holding general discussions over any Current, International or Political issues and by holding intra-departmental debate competitions and such other extracurricular activities.
  • To get the department recognized at local and national level.
  • Increase transparency and communication between seniors and juniors.
  • To prepare and motivate students and make a way for them to take part in different debate, speech and declamation competitions.
  • To conduct weekly lectures of teachers, senior students and inviting different well known personalities to deliver lecture on particular topic.
  • To organize seminars and study circles.


Nature of SPAUS

  • SPAUS believes in Peace, Interfaith and Harmony and it will be completely non-political and non-violent organization.
  • SPAUS will be a social organization for the purpose of promoting Political Science and it will be a non-religious and free from ethnical problems.
  • The sole purpose of SPAUS is to aware students of Political Science about current affairs and their career as well.
  • SPAUS strongly believes in the rule of law and it respects all the state institutions and it will never be a part of any anti-state campaign.

SPAUS – Society of Political Arians University of Sindh is determined to promote Political Science and its importance in current academic dilemma where social sciences aren’t reckoned consequential. The primary goal of SPAUS is to engage students of the department of Political Science University of Sindh in different university level extracurricular activities i.e. Debate Competitions, Quiz Competitions, Sports, Critical Analysis and other productive events. SPAUS aims to get the students work on the development of their academic as well as social aptitude.