Coronavirus: The World in Chaos

Coronavirus: The World in Chaos

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Where so many researchers and writers have written about the ongoing situation and, nobody seems ignorant and unaware of the present condition, the world is suffering from. But the fractious and irresistible situations always need writings from time to time to trigger others’ thinking and intellect.

Heard in a brief talk with a media channel, words of Mr. Lotti Tajouri of Bond University divulge that “Viruses are the most common biological entities on earth, so horde in number and negligible in size”. They invade and hijack immune cells of other organisms to replicate themselves. Some can make us recoverable sick and some can cause even more bad and lethal sickness.

However, viruses remain inactive out of the host, when it infiltrates to host it assaults on the host’s protein to replicate.

Mr. Tajouri further told to “The Conversation” that enveloped viruses harms a lot and usually does not leave the body easily. And further informs that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of these enveloped viruses that grumbles and does not leave the body without destruction.

Bats host many kinds of coronaviruses, one of them which is believed to be the source of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Comparing similarities of SARS and MERS with this COVID-19, 96% proximity shows COVID-19’s close relation with the origin of SARS and MERS that caused outbreaks in China in 2003 and 2012 respectively and both originated from bats.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is a member of coronaviruses family that tends to affect the respiratory system of humans at first and then attacks the whole immunity of the organism. Moreover, COVID-19 disaster started from China ( Wuhan) in early December 2019, was only restricted to China first, but did not take even a month to affect the rest of the world. From China to Japan and the US to Italy almost the whole world has been affected by this pandemic.

Researchers say: “COVID-19 is a widely spreadable virus” pandemic. Looking at the current situation due to the pandemic, many have lost their lives, whereas approximately more than 3 million death cases have been reported all over the world including China.

Dr. Li WenLiang of China, who was hailed a hero for raising the alarm for the coronavirus and more than 5000 have died from China only. However, the rest of the world combined has reported 2,50,000 death cases. So far, the updated reports say there are almost 3.5 million confirmed cases including people from different countries. After all, more than 1.05 million people have got recovered yet in whom the wife of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau, Sindh’s educational minister Saeed Ghani, several journalists of different areas, British Prime minister, Ex Yemeni President, and Iranian parliamentarian Iraj Harirchi are the examples of well-known people to all who survived from this life-taking pandemic. Italy took it easy and now has nothing left but regret. Similarly, China started to treat the ill people only forgetting about the rest and the number raised as fast as an eye blinks, America stays put the difficulties held by other countries and soon became the hub of COVID-19.

Then comes Iran where the heedlessness rose to a crescendo and the outcomes stunned everyone, and still people rate indulge in asking silly questions about its conformation.

Now every government asks its people to save the country and stay at homes, to keep social distancing, have homespun and rustic food, and practice all other precautions about the soaring COVID-19. For instance, Pakistan has announced more than 24000 confirmed cases and approximately 500 death cases.

The pandemic dissemination has compelled all the countries to take the swift measures for either the lockdown or curfew. And the misery and famine created by the lockdowns and shutter downs become the cause of clamor and factions where the chances of reconciliation seemed.

Almost every country decided to marshal facilities of food and other households to one’s home but especially the periphery countries stand amenable and this running sore of pandemic hangs over them heavily.

Where, US government has been dedicating her many endeavors to bring Covid-19 to an end but, the number of patients in the US has crossed all of the rest. Whereas, China (the trailblazer) took the disease as the only shit of few days and hence started trade again after taking careful steps but faced nosediving difficulties when the pandemic, instead of slowing down, fastened the dissemination rate.

The term “World War” refers to the tensions which the whole world suffers.

First World War, though the actual fight was started by Austria against Serbia, but caused unrest, disturbance and instigated revolutionary waves in the whole of Europe.

Similarly, World war II, as said by Ex-US President Roosevelt: “I’ve seen war and I hate war”. No doubt, wars change the world orders and highly affect the economy, politics, and foreign policies of nations.

Several types of Coronaviruses had attacked China in the past, but this time, where the whole world suffers the outbreak, give rise to many questions, from which the worth-notable is whether the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic moving to bio-war (third World war) or not?

The question strikes almost everyone’s mind, whereas the Chinese officials had put the doubted blame on the US- army, without any evidence.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump’s declaration of national emergency and his words:

“I am urging every state to set up emergency operations centers effective immediately”, the issuance of several pages of tips for navigating the corona virus COVID-19 and WHO’s the declaration for the virus as pandemic and serious emergency needed shows how the virus is a constraint for the world’s economy, world’s business and many more. And US president answered back by declaring it as China-Virus.

Ex-senator, Faisal Raza Abidi, in a talk show declared the pandemic as a biological war being fought without weapons, and when it ends, it will vanish many countries from the world map due to economical crisis.

Whereas, WHO said, “the virus will be with us for a long time”.

Moreover, I concede what a well-known writer Yuval Noah Harari writes in his newest writing piece “The World After Coronavirus” that “yes, the storm will pass, humankind will survive, most of us will still be alive, but we will inhabit a different world”.

After looking at the observations and statements of such people we see the planning going awry and the time the real world order.

Moreover, discussing the researches and precautions. We see research out of China showed that people without symptoms still have high levels of the virus in their throats and noses, so they may be passing it along if they cough or sneeze. However, many health officials direct some precautions that do not need to be mentioned one by one again but let it be reiterated once again, as suggested by many that soap can dissolve COVID-19’s fatty envelope leading to the destruction of the whole virus particle. That’s one reason washing your hands with soap is so effective.

However, several drugs are being tested, and some initial findings are expected soon. But researchers say a vaccine to stop the spread is still at least a year away.


Saeeda Sumbal

The writer is Student at Department of International Relations, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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