Coronavirus (COVID-19) a Global threat to Humanity and World’s Economy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) a Global threat to Humanity and World’s Economy

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Novel Corona Virus has created panic in the World since the World Health Organization WHO has declared it as Pandemic and not to take it lightly. It’s not only infecting humanity but hits the economy severely. Regarding its birth and spread, there have been so many controversial theories either it’s originated in Seafood Market Wuhan, China or US Military main bio-lab at Fort Detrick. Whether it’s a biological weapon or natural catastrophe. Many of the experts consider it as biological warfare to hit the larger growing economy of China and some global experts call it nature’s play and originated from wild animals mostly call it bat to be the main career.

Pandemic Fear

COVID-19 (nCov-19) has fuelled the panic. though it’s clear the infectees have a greater survival rate, WHO has estimated about 3.4pc mortality rate from novel coronavirus and some experts say the fact is it has only 1pc which means there is a 99pc survival rate. There are 148000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 5550 Deaths and almost 73700 has recovered from it. Earlier at its spread China was the epicenter but now Europe is to be the epicenter for the coronavirus and Iran in the middle east is the epicenter of the virus with the highest death troll. In China, about 4000, Italy around 800 and in Iran 611 deaths have occurred and so many countries are infected too. This fear has alarmed the World of greater disaster in the upcoming session if not taken seriously now. To halt the spread International borders, huge crowd gatherings are suspended all over the World, the declaration of emergency in US gives it greater concern. In Pakistan, all educational, vocational and training centers are closed.

Globally Hard-Hit to Economy

Most of the experts relate this to the controversy of Biological warfare which is more lethal as compare to conventional war. Many analysts contend that COVID-19 previously appeared SARs, MERs and ZIKA were deliberately created and spread, to slow down the growing economies and earning profit by selling vaccines.
Global financial markets are greatly affected due to the pandemic fears, even the oil prices went down to the most since 1991 in one day. and almost $9 trillion has been wiped off from the market in the past two weeks, with the S&P, index fell by 20pc and Pakistan’s Stock Exchange KSE-100 index went down by 10pc. Due to slow down, halt and collapse of markets the traders called it Black Monday on 9th march. The two parallel collapses, Novel Corona Virus and Dramatic collapse of OPEC+ between Russia and Saudi Arabia are witnessed. The health of the global economy is greatly hit. It has given hard-hit to advance economies too who took it lightly such as Italy. Even the Wall Street faced the worst day too, as last time it dropped by 23pc on Oct 19, 1987, and for now, 10pc the highest since that. Now the virus hits the Main Street to a more significant degree. In Asian Stocks which fell so fast that trading was halted for the temporary means.

Conspiracy Theories

Japanese and Taiwanese Pharmacologists and Epidemiologists new virus has five types in total and all of which are found in the US so it can be said the US is its origin and spread to China as China has only one type discovered, The traces that go back to the leakage of pathogens at US military bio-lab which was ceased soon and immediately after the leakage, e-cigarette epidemic arose which almost killed 90 people nearby lab.
Daniel Lucey, infectious disease expert at George Two University Washington in SCIENCE Magazine confirms that human infection first arose in 2019 but not in Wuhan that depicts its origin somewhere else and then spread to the seafood market China.
Just like MERS which was believed to be originated in Saudi Arabia as the first case was found there in earlier times. Later on traces gave proof that this virus-infected and originated in Jordan. likewise, Coronavirus after traces, is said to be originated somewhere else rather than in China because genome varieties of viruses taken from Iran and Italy are sequenced and declared to have no part that infected in China.
From 2005 to 2012 US had experienced almost 1100 pathogen missing events either stolen or escaped from bio-labs. Most of the traces give its way into the US to be the tree trunk so Her military bio-lab can be its originator.


Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) causes human crises and spreading fast so every nation should be ready to combat the disease otherwise it will give huge losses to humanity at first and the economy at last. For now, its time to collectively fight against it by enhancing the health budget and make people aware of precautionary measures. Panic has nothing to do with it but health measures which stop its spread has to do. It’s declared as pandemic though it has a 3pc mortality rate, it could be declared when it had a minimum 6pc mortality rate. Due to this, the global economy has hit severe turbulence. No one knows how long it will take, the damage is Worldwide and eye-popping so the precautionary measures are to be taken.

Syed Nek Muhammad Shah

The writer is Student of the Department of Political Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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