Challenges to bring peace in Kashmir

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The Muslim majority valley of Kashmir has been under cage since Hindutva-driven Indian Prime Minister Modi unilaterally scraped Article370 (3) and Article 35(A) of the Indian Constitution and revoked the…

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Reigns of Kashmir

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Despite sharing a 1,900-miles-long border with massive populations of 220 million and 1.3 billion inhabitants, relations between India and Pakistan have remained worst particularly over Kashmir. In the timescale of…

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Coronavirus: The World in Chaos

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Where so many researchers and writers have written about the ongoing situation and, nobody seems ignorant and unaware of the present condition, the world is suffering from. But the fractious…

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Search for Peace – Islamophobia

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Indeed, hatred and bitterness can never bring peace but only love can do that. Wars, conflict, weapons, violence, bloodshed, invasions, and boiling minds can never win the hearts of people…

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کرونا کہ بعد کی دنیا

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دسمبر 2019 کے آخری عشرے میں چین سے کورونا وائرس کے پھیلنے کی اطلاعات آنا شروع ہوئیں اس وبا کا مرکز چین کا شہر ووہان تھا۔ ابتداء میں اسے Epidemic…

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How to Write Good Article

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Good article = Good content and Good technique. An article is a piece of writing written for a large audience. The main motive behind article writing is to convey logically,…

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What is State?

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Introduction: The query, ‘What is State?’ does not employ here to its literal meaning. Rather, it amplifies the historical development and evolution of the State. Moreover, it also explores the…

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Free Online Courses with Certificates

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Creative Writings (With Certificate)Digital Literacy (With Certificate)Prepare for IELTS | Take IELTSFree computer-delivered IELTS familiarisation test | Take IELTSLearn How to Succeed in Your IELTS Speaking TestDevelop your English Skills…

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