Terms used in Essay or Question

Terms Explanation Analyze Divide the Topic into sub-parts and discuss each part Argue Give your opinion on a topic and support it with examples, facts, or other details Assess Tell…

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Reigns of Kashmir

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Despite sharing a 1,900-miles-long border with massive populations of 220 million and 1.3 billion inhabitants, relations between India and Pakistan have remained worst particularly over Kashmir. In the timescale of…

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Coronavirus: The World in Chaos

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Where so many researchers and writers have written about the ongoing situation and, nobody seems ignorant and unaware of the present condition, the world is suffering from. But the fractious…

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How To Make Effective Notes

Why Notes Making?To seek the crux ask five questions to yourselfWhat are the Issues in the chapter.Arguments and Analyses.Evidence.My Opinions about this.What other writers say about this issue.Revise: You revise maximum…

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Search for Peace – Islamophobia

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Indeed, hatred and bitterness can never bring peace but only love can do that. Wars, conflict, weapons, violence, bloodshed, invasions, and boiling minds can never win the hearts of people…

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