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has created the platform for Political Scientists to discuss on International, National and Local issues. Give chance to extract the power in You. Usually we miss the opportunities or we lack but here is the greatest chance to evaluate and build interpersonal skills​​

Reign of Kashmir - SPAUS

Reigns of Kashmir

Despite sharing a 1,900-miles-long border with massive populations of 220 million and 1.3 billion inhabitants, relations between India and Pakistan have remained worst particularly over

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کرونا کہ بعد کی دنیا

دسمبر 2019 کے آخری عشرے میں چین سے کورونا وائرس کے پھیلنے کی اطلاعات آنا شروع ہوئیں اس وبا کا مرکز چین کا شہر ووہان

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“Change begins within us, not without us”.

SPAUS is purely a student association led by young social entrepreneurs & political arians of the Department of Political Science, University of Sindh. SPAUS is responsible to promote social sciences, political consciousness & enlightenment among, to concrete student unity & burnish undiscovered & cloistered talent by holding extra-curricular activities.

Every being on earth is blessed with diverse qualities which makes it stand out among the crowd. We believe everyone possess some unique hallmarks that makes him the best of himself. Top world leaders & revolutionist who have played a crucial role in shaping the current dilemmas of politics around the globe were nothing but the followers of their best instincts. They knew that they are blessed with some extraordinary qualities. They knew that they have a responsibility to put on track before they leave this world. They knew they can change the world. Such qualities were not bestowed on them but it’s because they knew themselves. Such is an aspirant whom we call Political Arian!
We put our faith in the uniqueness of every being. Everyone of us stands out in some qualities. SPAUS is striving to help the students of Political Science to dig themselves in & know themselves & be the change this world needs. Join our hands in this movement of change & be a Political Arian!

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"I have been quite ambitious about being effective leader, so for that I either hunt or create the opportunities and SPAUS is one of them"
Syed Nek Muhammad Shah
Co-Founder and Web Designer


We as a team are here to serve and raise the awareness about Department of Political Science, Encourage students to grab the opportunities, polish the talent of student by holding general discussions over any Current, International or Political issues and To prepare and motivate students and make a way for them to take part in different debate, speech and declamation competitions

“Everything you can imagine is real”

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